Which Type of Form Should I Get?

The forms available at FreeAutomotiveForms.com are available in three formats. Not all forms will be available in every format, but it can be confusing (at first) to know which format you should choose. Here's how to make your decision.

If there are both Word and Excel versions of a particular form, the Word versions often cost less than the Excel versions. Why? Because the Excel versions normally include formulas that do automatic calculations for you. This means that they take a bit longer to develop than the Word versions, but they also provide you with more value.

Which format should you choose? It depends on how you want to use the form and how much you value your time. All of our forms—regardless of format—can save you time. If your goal is to create your own customized form, you will save a ton of money with either the Word or Excel versions of our forms. (The majority of our forms, if they come in Word or Excel format, are available for $7.77 or less each. How much is your time worth?)